My Business

How much will Parkary cost my business?

There is zero upfront cost, no contract fees and no equipment to purchase. Parkary fronts the cost of all signage and platform onboarding. You simply need to install the signage (if applicable). After that we can start collecting parking fees from your customers and we remit a monthly payment to you via ACH direct deposit less our fee, credit card processing fees and 5% to be contributed to help stop human trafficking. Simply put, this is a self funded opportunity to help you boost revenue while helping make the world a better place!

How much revenue will my business net?

We’ve created a free revenue estimator that you can access HERE. This tool is provided as part of our 100% transparent effort to help your business.

Can you accommodate large lots / lots with both surface parking and garages?

Yes we can! We utilize zoning for larger lots or multi-configuration lots. This makes it easier for enforcement and allows for charging different rates if desired (e.g., higher rate for garage than for uncovered parking).

How long is the contract commitment?

There is no commitment for your first lot – you can cancel our service at any time on 30 days’ notice. We think this is the best way to gauge our client’s success. If we’re doing our job to monetize your lot and increase your revenue, then you’ll stay with us. It keeps up on our toes and there is no better feedback than customers staying with us year after year! However, for those clients with more than 1 lot we do ask for a small commitment in the form of cancellation on 180 days’ notice. This allows us to rectify any systemic issues that may have caused dissatisfaction and also allows us to transition your Client Success Team to new clients.

My Customers

How much are my customers charged to park?

That’s up to you! You set the parking rate and you can adjust it on 1 day’s notice to us. This allows you to take advantage of surge pricing due to local events like a concert or big sporting event. You can charge for parking on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.

How do I know whether a customer has paid to park?

You can login to your secure portal at anytime to view paid parkers. This portal is searchable so you can look up specific license plates and determine whether enforcement is necessary. Compliance is 98%+ because customers are fearful or being towed or fined for not properly parking.

How do I enforce parking? What if customers are upset about paying for parking?

Our customers have traditionally utilized a towing service, but we have a much less onerous option available that renders a vehicle inoperable until a fine is paid. This is handled remotely by the customer through their phone so there is no impact on your labor pool. You set the fine amount, which we can adjust at any time.

Some venues express worry about their customers being upset about paying for parking. That’s why we suggest starting with a nominal parking rate (e.g., $10/day for a hotel) to gradually find the optimal parking rate. However, we’ve found that over 90% of customers understand that it costs money to pay rent for a plot of land and to pay for cleaning and security of a parking lot. Also, they LOVE that we contribute to help stop human trafficking. See a list of examples of malls that charge for paid parking HERE.

I have more questions not answered here…

Great! We’d love to help – please submit your question HERE or call us at (512) 379-8337.